Here is very short, picture  story of biodynamic psychotherapy.



Wilhelm Reich.

Freud’s student. Vegetotherapist. His research included: character structure, body work, libido, orgon energy.

Born 24th of March 1897 in Dobzau, Austria-Hungary. Died 3rd of November 1957 in Pennsylvania, USA.

In the meantime in Norway


Ola Raknes.        

One of the closest student of Wilhelm Reich. Norwegian psychologist and psychoanalyst in Reichan tradition.

Born 17th of January 1887 in Bergen, Norway. Died 28 of January 1975 Oslo, Norway.

And finally


Gerda Boyesen.

Founder of biodynamic psychotherapy.

Born 18th of May in Bergen, Norway. Died 29th of December 2005 in London.