Who you are

You may have had a difficult past. For example, PTSD, sexual abuse or childhood trauma. Perhaps you have just experienced some major event in your life such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, chronic illness, surviving cancer diagnosis or treatment for life-changing events such as transplant surgery.   You are at the stage in your life where you want to move forward and not be trapped by your past.


What your issues tend to be

You feel depressed, you have terrible difficulties in trusting other people, perhaps you have a tendency to get stuck in abusive relationships. You struggle to feel genuinely happy about life and can’t remember what joy feels like, also you don’t feel hopeful about the future. You may feel tired all the time, without the enthusiasm to do anything to change and, worst of all, you may experience feelings of worthlessness.

You don’t like other people to touch you because of what has happened before, but you actually you crave a physical connection. The problem is that you don’t know how to ask for it or how to set boundaries that make you feel safe.


What you need most right now

You want to learn how to trust people again and start to rebuild your life. You want a safe place where you can tell your story and, most importantly, feel like someone is really listening and understanding you. Because you sometimes wonder if you will ever pass through the feelings you are having now, you want someone who has the confidence and experience to help you on your journey of recovery; someone who has helped other people just like you. The bottom line is that you don’t want to be like this anymore – you want to start a new and better chapter of your life.

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